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SCAD has distinctive, complementary locations in Savannah and Atlanta, Georgia; Hong Kong; Lacoste, France; and online through SCAD eLearning. Whatever location you choose, you will be surrounded by passionate, innovative and dedicated professionals committed to providing a life-changing experience for students and advancing the mission of the premier university for creative careers.


The historic city of Savannah hosts the university's flagship location, where SCAD has rehabilitated more than 70 buildings that are both functional and picturesque. Working in elegant facilities equipped with advanced, professional-level technology and resources, you will enjoy the SCAD experience that stimulates the eye as well as the mind.


SCAD Atlanta offers a unique opportunity to work in a fast-paced metropolitan marketplace. This is your chance to thrive at SCAD's third location with proximity to Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations, design firms and fine art galleries.

Hong Kong

Live, teach, work and learn in a bustling international port city where SCAD Hong Kong offers the area's largest concentration of art and design degree programs. From photography to fashion, sequential art to visual effects, you are invited to explore and support SCAD's 14 majors in Asia's World City.


Sharpen your skills working on the cutting edge of distance education. SCAD eLearning's online degree programs and courses sync with the university's on-ground programs and are taught by the same credentialed faculty who teach at other SCAD locations.


Teach for a quarter in an inspiring environment rich with culture and history and enhanced by the extraordinary light. This rural setting at SCAD Lacoste will spark your creativity and expand your point of view.